Full Vehicle Maintenance available from small vans to HGV Traction/Trailers with Pre-MOT test facilities. 24hr emergency breakdown and repair service.

General Maintenance

We can maintain and repair all commercial vehicles including everything from aesthetics to mechanics & electrics. This will ensure your fleet is always on the road and avoid down time.

Inspection Services

Full inspection services will confirm that your fleet is safe and compliant as well as picking up any developing issues and rectifying them, keeping your vehicles moving.

Record Keeping & Compliance

We will keep track of all inspection paperwork, maintenance documents, certificates and policies for you insuring complete compliance at all times.

MOT Preparation

Maybrook Fleetcare offer Pre-MOT inspections and MOT preparations service for your fleet in our fully equipped workshops, getting your fleet ready for 12 monthly MOT tests.

Brake Testing

Our brake roller testing allows for the assessment of braking force on each wheel as well as diagnosing any imbalances across axles. We also test emergency and parking brakes.

Headlamp Alignment

Our state of the art headlamp alignment procedures help you to ensure the safety of other road users.

Trailer Diagnostics

We can check all trailer systems including lights, ABS, EBS & more. Any present fault codes can be translated and then the necessarily corrections can be carried out.

Curtain Repairs

We can repair trailer curtains keeping your precious cargo safe and ensuring that you're making the best possible impression when out on the road.

Auto Electrical Work

All auto electrical repair work is completed to the highest of standards including engine management, safety, security, ventilation, storage & lighting.


All welding repairs are carried out in house to the highest of quality. Please get in touch to find out more regarding your specific requirements.

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